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SpectroEye combines the ultimate in measurement accuracy with exceptional ergonomics and user-friendliness. This handheld, portable spectrophotometer offers all the colorimetric functions needed to accurately measure and control special colors, along with all the densitometric functions needed to quickly and easily monitor and control color on-press.

Delivering Highest Measurement Accuracy
With the internal high spectral resolution of 3.3nm, SpectroEye detects even the smallest color deviations. SpectroEye is equipped with a ring illumination, so that the positioning direction of the spectrophotometer is not critical. This is very crucial in measuring on uncoated substrates. To ensure optimum measurement accuracy at all times, a white reference tile is integrated, allowing automatic calibration without user intervention.

Tailored Models for Maximum Productivity

The SpectroEye portfolio has a solution for every need and price point

SpectroEye LT: an affordable entry-level solution that delivers the primary functions required for process control at the press. SpectroEye LT supports all the densitometric functions from density to trapping, as well as the CIE L*a*b* function. It is the ideal device to check CMYK prints according to ISO standards. SpectroEye LT can easily be upgraded to SpectroEye through the purchase of a software access code. Also available in small aperture (SA) (see below for SA description)

SpectroEye: SpectroEye is ideal for customers who print CMYK and spot colors and who track systematic process control. Also for use in QA and ink mixing. Measures standard control bars utilizing 4.5mm aperture. 

SpectroEye SA: For customers who have smaller control elements, SpectroEye SA is equipped with an aperture of 3.2mm designed specifically for reading patches as small as 3.5mm. With the identical accuracy of SpectroEye, SpectroEye SA offers customers who work with smaller control elements the option for unparalleled quality control, representing an incredible increase in production power. SA also available for SpectroEye LT.

Print Process Control
SpectroEye is the ideal tool to help you reduce waste and stoppages. It offers all the same functions you've been performing with your densitometer - density, trapping, dot gain, and much more, as well as the time saving auto-function which automatically recognizes which measuring function was selected and shows the corresponding values for density, color trapping, or dot gain.

SpectroEye is able to fully analyze special colors at a densitometric level in a single measurement. Nothing stands in the way of using both conventional densitometers and SpectroEye together. SpectroEye lets you change the density standard at the press of a button, thus making it compatible with your existing densitometer.

  • Densitometric functions
  • Densitometric measurement of special colors
  • BestMatch function—for adjusting the color of ink on press through in thickness or concentration

    Accurate ink color analysis
    Ensuring that the correct special colors are always available can be a challenging job. SpectroEye lends a hand by taking precise spectral measurements to ensure that incoming goods meet the specification, and that the right formula is prepared during the ink mixing process. SpectroEye can even be a part of a complete ink formulation system, with the addition of ink formulation software from X-Rite.

    SpectroEye offers a broad array of color spaces and color difference equations, including the CMC, FMC II, and dE*2000 color difference equations for the CIE L*A*B color system to ensure a perfect match to your standard procedures for instrumental color control. Color differences can be displayed at the press of a button - either graphically or numerically allowing for quick and easy analysis. To further speed data collection and analysis, measured samples can be automatically associated with the closest reference.

    Getting a fix on color behavior: How do I calculate the metamerism index of two colors as quickly as possible? SpectroEye tests the metamerism with three pre-definable test illuminants. All you need to do is measure the two colors concerned.

  • Colorimetric functions
  • Color difference equations
  • Metamerism
  • Absolute and relative dye strength
  • Whiteness and yellowness indices

    Comprehensive quality control
    SpectroEye is the right assistant for quality control inspections for incoming and outgoing goods. It helps you attain and maintain the most stringent quality standards - from raw materials to finished product.

    Colorimetric and densitometric functions, as well as color difference equations will assist you in all phases of preparation, production and inspection. But SpectroEye offers you even more: the absolute and relative dye strength functions ensure that purchased inks contain the correct amount of pigment or dye. Various measurements and calculation methods for white and yellow standards help you ensure that paper quality is consistent.

    Digital versions of the most popular color guides - PANTONE PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated and Solid Uncoated, HKS, and DIC - have been created especially for SpectroEye. They allow you to confidently check special colors with ease. You can even store personal libraries containing frequently used references.


    IntelliTrax Integration:
    The IntelliTrax automatic scanning system from X-Rite scans the color bar of a typical press sheet in 15 seconds and instantly reports measurement results on-screen, allowing quick and precise adjustments to color as needed. SpectroEye spot measurements correlate with IntelliTrax automatic scanning systems to maximize press-side color control, productivity and profitability during make-ready and production. 

    CxF Workflow:
    The SpectroEye is integrated in the Color Exchange Format (CxF) workflow. Data created by designers (e.g. with the i1) can be loaded into the SpectroEye for quality assurance during the printing process. With the free CxF loader tool, CxF data can be dragged and dropped into the SpectroEye device.

    This optional tool allows you to maintain instrument quality, uptime and reliability at your facility. NetProfiler2 certifies the measurement performance of each SpectroEye used in the production process on a regular basis – ensuring that each instrument is always running at peak accuracy. By minimizing the variance between color measurement data – either from one instrument to the next or from one year to the next, NetProfiler2 is able to remove an important variable that can negatively impact the color reproduction process.
    Software Compatibility:
    SpectroEye is fully supported by many applications, such as InkFormulation, ColorQuality, KeyWizard and others*.
  • InkFormulation: SpectroEye is fully integrated with this system for accurate ink mixing, from the smallest printer's kitchen to the most sophisticated ink manufacturer's lab. InkFormulation 5 is the software of choice for fast, accurate recipe creation, storage, approval, and retrieval.
  • ColorQuality: ColorQuality makes consistent color quality verifiable, and quality control measurable. The proof of your quality standards is provided by the printout of the clearly organized record. Trends, CIE L*A*B, spectral values, and statistics can be viewed at a glance. With SpectroEye, you get the ColorQuality Lite version free to store a job and analyze your measurement data on your computer.
  • KeyWizard: This software allows you to transfer the measurement data in windows application (e.g. Excel). KeyWizard is included with every SpectroEye.

    *Note: The SpectroEye LT is fully supported by KeyWizard, CxF Loader and DownloadUtility. However, it does not support reflection spectrum functions and therefore cannot be used with the following X-Rite software: InkFormulation, ColorQuality, NetProfiler, IntelliTrax and ColorMaster.
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