C2Comp imaging systems
C2Comp's system is perfect for professionals looking for an effective easy to use system to produce proofing mockups in-house with a small initial up front investment and is ideal in the package development process to create package proofs that look like the real thing. C2Comp also can be used to create high-quality short run-sales samples and regional on demand output.

C2Comp's system allows you to create high-end, color-accurate boxes, bags, shrink sleeves, labels and more using your inkjet printer, package design concepts can be easily turned into impressive three-dimensional mockups that will drive decisions among brand managers, clients and focus groups.

C2Comp is different from other products on the market because of the low cost you will need to invest to get started and the ease of use - unlike other products that require a heavy investment in equipment. C2Comp can universally be used on most inkjet printers. In many cases a transfer system would be the only investment. The quality you can achieve from C2Comp is as good as the higher cost products but without the price tag.
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