Studio Toolkits
The Toolkits let you quickly and easily prepare a 3D packaging shape, so that you can use it in Designer or Visualizer.

See the package in 3D in your preferred editor like Illustrator, saving you the effort of imagining how it fits together. Studio is also your 3D navigator to zoom in to parts of the artwork and even rotate the artwork canvas to bring a panel to a more convenient orientation.

Studio also comes with tools to help you fit the artwork better to the shape. It can apply a conical warp for labels, or compensate artwork for shrink sleeve distortions or make artwork match across different panels.

Toolkit for boxes & Toolkit for labels are Illustrator® plug-ins. Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves and Toolkit for Flexibles are Mac applications.  For other packaging shapes, there is the online Shapes store where you can buy packaging 3D models and apply the artwork in Designer or Visualizer.

Toolkit for Boxes

Create folded structures for Studio Designer or Studio Visualizer.
Toolkit for Boxes is a component of Studio, the 3D solution for packaging artwork professionals. Toolkit for Boxes is a plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® to clean up die-drawings and fold them into a structural design file. You then use Studio Designer or Visualizer to add the artwork.

Create your own designs with curved creases. Watch how fold that are not straight can produce curved panels and interesting new shapes. With Toolkit for Boxes, you can make simple designs with curved creases. For advanced designs we would recommend ArtiosCAD.

Toolkit for Labels

With Toolkit for Labels you can create round objects with one or more labels. With Studio Designer or Visualizer you can then add artwork.
Toolkit for Labels also comes with a warping tool for conical labels.

Toolkit for Flexibles

A unique application to create flexible structures for Studio or Visualizer.
Studio Toolkit for Flexibles is a plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® to build realistic models of flexible packaging Studio will help with the graphics design: Showing the artwork interactively on the 3D shape, automatically creating back matches and writing great-looking 3D PDF files.

Toolkits for Shrink wraps

This is a new toolkit. It is an application that can easily and with precision wrap a shrink sleeve around one or more 3D objects. It is also a plug-in to pre distort artwork to compensate for the deformation that will occur during the shrink process.
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