Twinlock® Enviro cleaner

Twinlock Enviro cleaner

Polymount International offers a special cleaner to clean Twinlock sleeves. Normally you can clean Twinlock with products such as Ethyl acetate or isopropanol (available for almost every flexo printer). 
However, for long runs or when the plates are very dirty we advice you to use our Twinlock Enviro cleaner.

Polywash 1000

Polywash 1000 is suitable to wash water-based inks. It is a friendly water-based cleaner developed to be used with the Polymount plate cleaner. The odour is very low.

Polywash 3000

Polywash 3000 is a more aggressive cleaner for all types of ink such as solvent and UV-inks. It cleans fast and extremely well. While it is a solvent it is water-soluble. The odour is very low and the flash point is above 65 C. This cleaner can also be used to pre-spray when using a more friendly cleaner.

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