Twinlock® permanent adhesive sleeves

Twinlock sleeve

The patented Twinlock sleeve is a top quality product, measured by laser. It enables flexo printers to mount printing plates without using double adhesive tape. With a re-usable surface the Twinlock sleeve is sure to save you both time and money! Simply by cleaning the surface of the Twinlock sleeve, the polymer based adhesion is reactivated and ready to hold the next set of printing plates. Reactivating the tackiness of Twinlock can be done many times, for several years. As long as the surface is clean, the adhesion is there! Plates can be removed cleanly and easily without the risk of damage.

Self adhesive and compressible!

The Twinlock sleeves are self adhesive and compressible. The permanent tacky polymeric surface makes them self adhesive, and a high quality Polyurethane (P.U.) foam combined with the Twinlock material make them compressible. The P.U. foam has characteristics which help it to maintain optimal compressibility during and after heavy usage. Normal cushion mounting tape will lose compressibility throughout the print cycle resulting in more dot gain and squashed images. Twinlock does not suffer from 'compression-wear out'.

Higher print quality

Twinlock is available in different hardnesses. The medium density is the most used compressibility, and it is the most suitable for as much as 95% of today's flexo. For very critical vignettes, Twinlock also offers a softer P.U. foam which absorbs vibrations even better. A Twinlock sleeve has a relatively hard surface which is combined with a soft P.U. compressible foam. The Twinlock surface itself is based on a shrink free layer, stabilizing the P.U. foam. This combination results in less dot gain and an improved solid. 

Re-using old sleeves!

You do not have to discard your old sleeves in order to benefit from the Twinlock technology. The old sleeves can instead be coated, which offers you the opportunity to switch to a thinner plate technology. By adjusting the outside diameter of the sleeve using Twinlock, you are able to use plates of 1.14mm and 1.7mm instead of 2.54mm and 2.84mm. 

Twinlock sleeve – a unique product!

Polymount International BV has a unique product in the Twinlock sleeve. Because of its special characteristics, Twinlock won the flexographic technical award.

Mounting printing plates on a Twinlock sleeve is in many ways different compared to the current mounting techniques. We offer you the best sleeve available with fast changover times, clean mounting and de-mounting, long lasting adhesion and permanent compressibility. Not to mention perfect print results on lines, solids and screen, higher press speeds and many more advantages!

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